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talent strategy

I.attracting talents and creating competitive advantages
Talent introduction is the basis of talent strategy.In the recruitment of talents,the company always adheres to high standards and strict requirements,establishes standardized talent introduction procedures,continuously expands recruitment channels,establishes long-term and stable contacts with many domestic talent markets(networks),and recruits senior personnel through headhunting companies;the vast majority of the company's management and technical backbones come from key National Colleges and universities;the company pays attention to professional counterpart,and according to the company's research and development And production practice,recruitment of a large number of professional personnel.In addition,the ability of employees to complete their own work is more important.Therefore,in recruitment and selection,the company fully considers many factors such as people's comprehensive quality,potential,character,psychological quality and work experience,and regards whether employees agree with the company's corporate culture as one of the most important factors,so that employees and the company's values are unified,so that employees and the company will encounter difficulties In the same boat,common development.
Through the improvement of human resource management system,the short,medium and long-term interests of employees are closely combined with the interests of the enterprise,so as to make the best use of their strengths and entrust them with important tasks,so as to make the best use of their talents,and provide opportunities for each employee to realize their life ideals and show their own values.
II.Pay attention to personnel training and improve personnel quality
In terms of personnel training,the company has formed a multi-level and standardized training mechanism.It has initially formed a three-level training system of high,medium and low level,implemented pre post and on-the-job training methods,and worked hard to create a learning organization to provide all kinds of talents with all-round and whole process opportunities for growth and education.Encourage employees to participate in the education of academic qualifications and professional titles,attach importance to the professional skills education of employees,pay attention to the re education of employees,and constantly cultivate senior comprehensive talents,so that the value of employees themselves is constantly improved,and the company's human capital is generally appreciated.The continuous improvement of staff's technology,knowledge and ability keeps the company in the leading position in the industry competition.
Learning is not only the need of the company's sustainable development,but also the need of personal development.In order to standardize personnel training,the company established"business school",which is not only a platform for staff training and training,but also a platform for external customer training and technical exchange,"work learning,study working".Tianhe is not only a slogan,but also a real action.
III.establish an effective employment mechanism to enhance the development momentum of the enterprise
Break the shackles of the old concept of seniority and blaming for all,optimize the allocation of human resources through competition,realize the self-development and value embodiment of employees under the overall strategic goal of the enterprise,and form a modern enterprise employment mechanism that can go up,down,in and out.
"Education is not only important for ability,but also qualification is important for performance".Eat by ability and improve by performance.The company implements a multi track and parallel development mechanism.Management employees can be promoted according to the administrative level.R&D personnel can take the road of technical experts.Even technical workers can grow into the core backbone of the company through personal efforts.An employee with outstanding ability and excellent performance will also be recognized even if there is no administrative position;a technical expert without any administrative position can achieve or even exceed the income of the company's management personnel.
Establish a salary system with comparative advantages and a scientific performance appraisal mechanism.The company regularly compares and surveys market factors,consumption level and salary and welfare status of relevant representative enterprises,and then formulates a salary standard to maintain its advantages and competitiveness.At the same time,the performance appraisal is carried out for the whole staff,and the appraisal results are taken as the main basis for determining the salary of the staff,so that the staff with good performance can get the proper rewards and really play an incentive role.
IV.retain excellent talents and add potential to the long-term development of the enterprise
To be a"century old enterprise",we should not only attract and use talents well,but also retain and reserve more talents.In the development of products,the company has achieved one generation of production,development and reserve.In the selection,training,use and reserve of talents,the company also has a long-term development plan and forms echelon configuration,so that the talent team of the enterprise will always be full of vitality and vitality.
Tianhe strives to create a business environment,gather talented and responsible young people,cooperate hand in hand,appreciate hardship,share success,and jointly make the business bigger and stronger.The company has established long-term and stable ties with some famous institutions of higher learning,absorbed a large number of young students with both excellent qualities and learning,recruited many elites from the society,and established a strong talent pool.At present,the company's various talent teams have begun to take shape.
In order to better motivate talents and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of talents,the company plans to implement the equity incentive plan,which is an important measure of Tianhe's equity management,and also a significant leap for the enterprise.It provides a strong driving force for technological innovation and lays a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

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