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Talent concept

Talent concept

I.make the best use of talents
Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and competition.Talent is the first resource of an enterprise.It takes relying on talent as the fundamental premise of enterprise development,respecting talent as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development,and promoting the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy.In all the work of human resources,we are good at providing a stage for all kinds of talents to give full play to their talents,so that they can make the best of their talents.
II.Common development and shared success
Without the efforts of employees,there will be no success of the enterprise,no success of the enterprise,and no success of employees.It is Tianhe's consistent view of talent development to let employees and enterprises grow and develop together.The company encourages employees to combine their own development with the company's long-term planning,and provides employees with a variety of growth paths and development models.As a platform for employee development,promotion and value realization,we strive to create good growth conditions for every employee,provide broad development space for every employee who is determined to become a talented person,enable employees to make the most of their potential,and realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.
Adhere to the concept of equality and caring for talents.There is no difference in status between people,only in responsibilities.The company respects the personality and pursuit of its employees,encourages them to improve their abilities,and recognizes their achievements.At the same time,adhere to the concept that development depends on employees,develops into employees,develops achievements and shares with employees,pays attention to the interests of both enterprises and employees,advocates the unity and cooperation between enterprises and employees,creates and shares value together in work,and finally realizes the win-win situation of joint development and success sharing between enterprises and employees.
III.equal competition,survival of the fittest and development of strengths and avoidance of weaknesses
Equality is what people are striving for.With such an environment and atmosphere,competition will be just.Taking equal competition,survival of the fittest,and developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses as the talent concept,the purpose is to follow the normal law of talent growth,everyone is competing on a common starting line,the top and the bottom;at the same time,we are not strict with talent,promote their strengths and overcome their weaknesses,and help them grow better while giving full play to their role.With such a talent outlook and such a talent growth environment,we can achieve the goal of making the best of our talents.
IV.morality first,quality as soul
Morality is a kind of invisible binding force with strong self-discipline.Good morality can not only guide itself to find the right values of life,but also affect the people around and bring fluctuation effect.Therefore,only when we put moral character first and go deep into our bones can we really do something practical and well.
V.innovation awareness,team awareness
Without innovation,the team has no vitality.Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's development and progress,and the inexhaustible source of its prosperity.Innovation ability is the most important sign of an enterprise's ability to determine its own survival and development problems.
Team spirit means that the team has the same goal and cooperates with each other;just like a warship sailing in the sea,it requires the unified command of the intelligent captain and the collective efforts of the brave crew.On this warship,everyone plays an important role and is indispensable.

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