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Tianhe defense established the Party branch in 2005 and upgraded the general Party branch in 2015.Since its establishment,the general Party branch of the company has always adhered to the general requirements of"focusing on economic development and Party construction",based on the actual practice of the enterprise,actively innovated the activity carrier,and constantly explored the way of Party construction with unique features.
The general Party branch of the company adheres to the theory,system and culture,implements the basic theory,policy and line of the party,and aims at good production and operation,good corporate culture,good labor relations,good party organization team,good party members and good social reflection,so as to achieve unified leadership and centralized management,ensure that the corporate culture is not distorted,and promote both the operation and Party building.Firmly establish the party members'political consciousness,overall situation consciousness and core consciousness,so as to make the company unite and implement quickly and effectively.We should standardize the political life of the party,actively develop a healthy political culture within the party,and create a sound political environment with a clean atmosphere;we should adhere to strict governance of the party,build a learning party organization,focus on criticism and self-criticism,and strictly manage the ideology,style and discipline of the party,and set up leading posts and model posts for Party members.Strive to build a management pioneer Party member team with strong party spirit and dedication,and a party member team that is realistic,pragmatic,ambitious and innovative;
In the new era,new ideas lead the new journey.Standing at the new historical starting point,the party general branch of the company holds high the great banner of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era,implements the general requirements of the party building in the new era,and further advances the great project of Party building,resolutely confidence and enterprising,constantly integrating Party building work into the enterprise's production and operation,taking the enterprise culture in the work of Party building,and guiding the enterprises to go out with a breakthrough in the work of Party building.New development road.

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