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Civil military integration

Xi'an Tianhe Defense Technology Co.,Ltd.,as an exploration and demonstration enterprise of Shaanxi military civilian integration development,resolutely implements a series of decision-making and deployment of the central government on reform,military civilian integration,innovation driven,etc.,adheres to the sacred mission of"implementing military civilian integration,serving the national strategy",forming a"system planning,intelligent microwave,intelligent detection,super materials,big data Supported by six core technologies,such as"military civilian integrated electronic information system","advanced communication and IOT system"and"intelligent coastal defense system",the industrial development layout focuses on"military civilian integrated electronic information system","advanced communication and IOT system"and"intelligent coastal defense system".We are brave to be the leader of military civilian integrated development in the new era and the pioneer of innovative development,and have come up with a new way of in-depth development of military civilian integration with Tianhe characteristics and Tianhe mode.
Tianhe defense explored the overall competition of weapon equipment models,military trade,capital,Party building,talent,industry,investment and financing.
First,consciousness innovation,"national interest is above all".In the course of Tianhe defense development,patriotism,professionalism,entrepreneurship,pioneering spirit,scientific spirit,collaborative spirit and fighting spirit have emerged.It is these seven spirits that give birth to the spirit of Tianhe's corporate culture-that is,"national interests are above everything else".The"special provisions on military industry matters"in Chapter 12 of Tianhe's articles of association stipulates that the company will accept the expropriation of relevant assets according to law according to the needs of the state.Therefore,Tianhe always adheres to the idea of loving the party and patriotism,and unswervingly follows the party,because this is the foundation of the company.
Second,Party building innovation,the party flag in the sky and high flying.Adhering to the leadership of the party is the"root"of Tianhe.Tianhe defense Party branch was established in 2005 and upgraded to the general Party branch in 2015.At present,there are 12 Party branches with 540 formal members.The company adheres to the principle of"where the enterprise develops,the party organization will be built,and the party's work will be carried out",ensures the integration of the party's construction and the enterprise development,and guarantees the"double coverage"of the party's organization and the party's work.
Third,strategic innovation,which leads the industrial layout of military civilian integration.As early as the establishment of Tianhe defense in 2001,the company formulated the development strategy of"three stages and six steps in three decades".At present,in accordance with the requirements of accelerating the development of civil military integration,the company is actively seeking layout in major national strategic needs,hot areas of national economy and key areas of national security,continuously promoting the application of existing military technologies in air traffic control and air defense,security and safety inspection,intelligent coastal defense,digital city,big data,5g communication and other fields,and strongly supporting the development,transformation and upgrading of leading industries.
Fourth,mechanism innovation and differential management strategy.Tianhe defense deeply understands the thought of top-level development of national military civilian integration,explores and formulates differentiated business strategies with the 11th military industrial group,and takes the strategic traction road by seizing the short board of the country and national defense military industry.Therefore,the company has been leading other private enterprises for several years to enter the development sequence of military products,taking the lead in occupying the strategic commanding point.At present,the company has 7 domestic military equipment models and 11 military trade products and equipment units and exports them to many countries.
Fifth,scientific and technological innovation,and vigorously develop disruptive technologies.Tianhe defense takes charge of the law of military civilian integration industry development,forging the"Tianhe mode"of independent innovation,vigorously developing cutting-edge technologies,such as communication electronic devices based on metamaterial technology,chips based on terahertz technology,new generation thin film bulk acoustic filter,etc.,and obtaining a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.Up to now,the company has obtained more than 300 national defense invention and other patents,undertaken 3 National 863 plans,more than 10"13th five year"pre research projects and a number of confidential projects.
Sixth,innovation in military trade,"technology transfer+joint production".In the process of opening up the market,it has gradually formed a unique marketing and profit model.In the original mode of complete machine sales and parts sales,the innovative military trade mode of"technology transfer+joint production"and"joint research and development"has been launched,and a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship has been established with the user country.This is the first time that China's private military enterprises go abroad in this mode.At the same time,the company is also actively exploring traditional channels,independent channels,cooperation channels and other cooperation modes to lay a solid foundation for market development.
Seventh,capital innovation,industrial operation and capital operation go hand in hand.In recent two years,the company has acquired Huayang communication,Great Wall digital,flux technology,bio electronics,Dingsheng electronics and other companies.Up to now,Tianhe has 12 wholly-owned,holding and joint-stock companies,and has basically built a military and civil high-end electronic industry chain covering raw materials,discrete components,integrated circuits,signal systems,software and high-end equipment manufacturing,and built a military and civil integration business development platform with Tianhe defense as the core.
Eighth,talent innovation and building a"think tank"for enterprise talents.In response to the needs of the development of national defense science and technology,Tianhe defense has successively established"three institutes and one center",which strongly supports the development of new technologies,exchanges and personnel training.At the same time,we set up academician expert workstation and postdoctoral innovation base,set up provincial enterprise research institute and provincial key laboratory,relying on the construction of scientific research technology platform,trained a large number of key technical talents and backbone forces,produced talent effect,and thus carried out talent"think tank"reserve for enterprise development strategy.
Ninth,industrial collaborative innovation to build"one academy and three bases".Tianhe defense has built a pattern of"one academy and three bases"in capacity-building,aiming to build a high-end Innovation Incubator in the field of military civilian integration,gather high-quality military civilian manufacturing industry chain,build an innovation platform for financial docking,technical research and application,organically combine production,learning,research and application,and maximize the benefits of military civilian integration
Ten is innovation in investment and financing to create a highland of military civilian integration industry in the West.Focusing on the digital city,sensor and Internet of things related subdivisions in the military civilian integration industry,through scientific and technological financial cooperation,we will cultivate military civilian integration high-tech with international competitiveness,promote the better and faster development of military civilian integration industry,and create a highland of military civilian integration industry in Western China.

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