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Achievements in scientific research

Achievements in scientific research

In order to implement the military civilian integration strategy,Tianhe defense has built a whole industrial chain R&D and production system from the bottom core devices,dozens of specialties and subsystems,to the top integrated weapon system.As of July 2018,Tianhe defense has 12 wholly-owned,holding and joint-stock companies,which have basically built a military and civil high-end electronic industry chain covering raw materials,discrete components,integrated circuits,signal systems,software and high-end equipment manufacturing,and built a military and civil integration business development platform with Tianhe defense as the core.
Under the leadership of he Zenglin,Tianhe defense has been working in the field of electronic information for 17 years,which is fruitful:
——China's first batch of private enterprises entering the field of scientific research and production of military complete machine system;China's first listed private military enterprises;the first batch of private military enterprises in China to realize the export of military complete machine system equipment in batches Tianhe defense composed the legend of"people join the army"with the attitude of explorer;
——The low intercept CW radar and man portable air defense missile information battle command system independently developed by the company is highly praised by academician Zhang Luqian,the"father of China's radar",and military experts:the technology is in the leading position in China and fills the domestic gap;
——The self-developed low altitude multi-source intelligent surveillance system,which integrates green low radiation high reliability low altitude surveillance radar and infrared optical surveillance,breaks through a number of key technologies,fills the gap in the field of low altitude surveillance in China and is at the international advanced level;
——The first mobile tower command vehicle in China is the first mobile tower command vehicle that meets the civil aviation standard of MH/T 4005-1997 civil aviation airport tower air traffic control equipment configuration.The system integrates communication,monitoring,intelligence,meteorology,recording,timing and other functions.It is an integrated emergency application for general airport,temporary takeoff and landing point and transport airport Tower air traffic control equipment.
——China's first sparse array surveillance radar has completely independent intellectual property rights,which not only breaks the monopoly of foreign technology,but also fills the domestic gap.
——The industrialization of 50kg portable autonomous underwater vehicle(AUV),which is independently developed,marks that China has filled in the domestic gap in the field of micro and small AUV.
——The three 863 projects of"300kg autonomous underwater vehicle"and"AUV based integrated low-power synthetic aperture sonar"undertaken by the company have passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology,marking substantial progress in the overall design,localization of core components and system integration of"deep-sea submersible technology and equipment"in China,breaking through the core technology and possessing independent and complete knowledge.Property rights basically ended the history that the deep-sea submersible independently researched and developed in China can only become an exhibit;
——"Tianhe cloud",the first"military civilian integration cloud platform"independently researched and developed,is equipped with advanced technologies such as cloud computing and big data.It has the characteristics of"efficient,easy-to-use,stable,safe,intelligent,flexible and leading".It realizes sensor virtualization,customization,high specialization,deep integration and can be a"digital city"of"network center and service-oriented"Provide strong support;
The technology of"left-handed material","photonic crystal","super magnetic material"and other super materials shows the leading role of Tianhe as a strategic driven enterprise;
Seven models of equipment are installed for domestic military use,and nine system level products are approved for military trade and exported to many countries.More than 300 national defense invention patents,3 National 863 plans,1 National Science and technology support plan major project,more than 10"13th five year"military pre research projects and a number of confidential projects.Through the implementation of the national development plan and major special projects,Tianhe defense has broken through a number of core technologies and mastered a number of core proprietary rights in such advantageous professional fields as command and control,early warning and detection,reconnaissance and communication,electronic countermeasures,information security,key components and basic software.
The emergence of many high-end products of military and civil integrated electronic information"positions"shows that Tianhe defense has a strong fighting capacity in the field of electronic information,shows that the transformation channels of Tianhe defense military and civil products operate smoothly,and also shows that Tianhe defense provides value creation efforts for the development of military and civil integration!

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