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Xi'an Tianhe Defense Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2001,is the first listed private military enterprise in China.At present,the company has 14 subsidiaries.
Tianhe defense continues to focus on the"global intelligent perception big data system"service,creating a high-end characteristic industrial cluster represented by big data,communication IOT and artificial intelligence.Three industrial systems have been formed,including"integrated electronic information","advanced communication and IOT"and"smart ocean",and five industrial sectors,including military equipment,intelligent security,integrated electronics,communication electronics and intelligent coastal defense.
The company's core business includes:
1.Military equipment.Develop a new generation of integrated process defense system,including short-range low altitude three-dimensional defense equipment and digital system solutions,battlefield environment awareness and big data application system,training and storage equipment,marine digital defense equipment and system,Underwater Unmanned detection system,digital marine vertical defense system,etc.
2.Intelligent security.Core research and development of ground reconnaissance and surveillance radar and photoelectric linkage detection equipment,intelligent sentinel for border and coastal defense,terahertz security equipment,anti UAV system and other products,to provide digital and information-based solutions for border and coastal defense,key areas and other three-dimensional security.
3.Integrated electronics.Using the company's core architecture platform to integrate all kinds of sensors as the data source of platform big data analysis,relying on the tower network resources of partners and the company's intelligent sentinel and other platforms to form a land level intelligent sensor network coverage,providing various big data services and solutions for government,military and industry customers.
4.Communication electronics.Vigorously develop innovative technologies,accelerate the development of 5g communication RF microwave passive devices and high integrated microwave SOC chips based on its own ferrite materials and microwave technology.The company's independently developed switch,LNA,small signal amplifier,passive circulator and other chips for 5g applications are released,and the company is actively promoting the evaluation of various customers.
5.Intelligent coastal defense.Focus on the development of underwater autonomous vehicle(AUV)series products,abandoned temperature and salt depth and other multi parameter detection systems(XBT,XCTD),active and passive sonar,etc.,to provide overall digital solutions for the needs of multi parameter perception system of the marine environment,three-dimensional coastal defense system,etc.
Tianhe defense has formed a leading edge in radar detection,photoelectric detection,underwater acoustic detection,super materials,big data and other technical fields,with a number of domestic military equipment models and more than ten military trade models and equipment units exported to many countries.

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